About Us

Bringing Value and a Winning Opportunity to the Marketplace

Impacting Lives

Paid 2 Save Network was founded in March of 2013.

Our Story

David Hart is a true visionary leader who has been an entrepreneur since he was a teenager. In traditional business, Mr. Hart help pioneer the mobile car washing industry in Southern California. In the early 1990's, Mr. Hart was voted Entrepreneur of the Year in Southern California by Inc Magazine for people under the age of 30.

In the late 90's, Mr. Hart turned his focus to the helping people transform their lives through the Direct Selling Industry. Mr. Hart set records at multiple companies and became a documented Top Earner helping countless people along the way. Although Mr. Hart had incredible success in Direct Selling he was unsatisfied with the status quo. Mr. Hart wanted to usher in a new model to the industry. A company that would bring unparalleled value to the consumer while recognizing and paying its partners in unprecedented ways very early in the plan.

Why Travel?

The most commonly shared dream in the World is the dream of seeing & exploring the world. A lack of money is what keeps most from experiencing their dreams and creating the memories that last a lifetime. So we created the coolest travel club on the planet that can show anyone, anywhere and on any budget how they can immediately start realizing more out of life for less. Our model will disrupt the single largest industry in the world (Travel) and challenge the "huge markup model" being run by the monolithic companies who currently control the space today. Most people who visit the popular travel retail sites have NO IDEA how much they are overpaying. Through peer to peer marketing, P2S Travel will show people a better way to experience more out of life

Your life isn't going to change on it's own.